How to Enjoy the F1 Action in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Explore Jeddah, KSA, through one of the most exciting international events - the F1 Grand Prix. Learn what to expect & where to have fun! 

Explore Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, through one of the most exciting international events – the F1 Grand Prix. Learn what to expect and where to have fun! 

Where will the Race be held?

Track Layout; Jeddah Corniche Circuit Track Layout and Info

The F1 circus travels to the Jeddah corniche circuit every year to race for 50 laps around the 6.1 km track. It’s a recent addition to the F1 calendar, with this year’s Race only its third appearance.

Racing cars zooming around the circuit at speeds exceeding 330km/h will light up the track. The corniche circuit is the second largest track of the year.

It consists of high-speed corners and long straights, three DRS zones, and an average speed of 250km/h. It offers several overtaking opportunities and high-risk-reward corners, making it the fastest street circuit on the calendar.

Where is the track located?

Track location on Google Maps

The track is situated in the corniche area, adjoining the red sea on one side and the red sea mall on the other. Being on the city’s north end, it is about a 15-18KM drive from the airport.

Luckily, this is also where the majority of the hotels reside. Many options are available here if you’re from out of state and planning a 3-day trip.

How to get to the track?

By Taxi/Uber

Taxis and Uber are safe bets and generally a cheap way to travel around the city. There are many reputable taxi firms as well. When choosing a taxi from the street side, negotiate the fare.

Keep in mind the perimeter of the venue will be closed to general traffic, and the drop-off and pickup spots are near the Red Sea Mall.

By Public Transport

The infrastructure of the city isn’t very developed in this aspect. The track is in its infancy, too, meaning it might be difficult to find proper routes online. Nevertheless, SAPTCO’s buses and free shuttles can direct you from major city points to the track.

By Car

Residents and out-of-state visitors can find the city more maneuverable via a car. The track also offers three parking spots on the north, west, and south ends. It is fairly easy to rent a car through companies such as Enterprise, Europcar, and Kayak.

Jeddah circuit at night

When will the Race be held?

Like last year, the Race maintains its early slot in the calendar, being the year’s second Race. The Race will occur on 17-19 march, with most of the action under the lights.

The event deliberately takes place later in the day to avoid the heat of Jeddah. Similar measures are taken at other tracks, such as Qatar, Bahrain, and Singapore.

F1 Jeddah GP’23 full schedule

A usual F1 race weekend is divided into three parts- Free Practice, Qualifying, and Race. Three one-hour free practice sessions are given to each team to familiarize themselves with the track regarding tire degradation and fuel usage.

The lap times drivers post on Saturday’s qualifying determine Sunday’s Race’s grid order.

Where to Find Tickets for Saudi Arabian GP

The event hosted as many as 143,000 spectators in its first appearance. The turnout is because it also hosts many other events throughout the weekend.

Travis Scott, David Guetta, and Afrojack will be headlining the event this year. Other trackside spectacles include the fan zone, the village nights, and the pitlane visit. 

Audience Stands at Jeddah F1 GP

The track consists of two sections of stands, the Central Grandstand and the Main Grandstand. The main grandstand overlooks the pit straight and start-finish line. The central stand is adjacent to Turns 4 and 5.

There are two other sections- premium hospitality and general admission. General admission does not guarantee a seat. Instead, they have standing areas and allow you to ‘soak up the atmosphere.’

It also includes all the trackside events such as the Fanzones, the art promenade, and the concerts. The most attractive aspect is its price which is as low as 630 SAR.

Premium Hospitality exists on the other side of the spectrum. Lavish and exotic by definition, the lounge is created for a greater-than-life experience offering a covered grandstand, dining experience, and a viewing terrace. Passes are available for as much as 15000 SAR.

You can book all four types of tickets from here.

Which Grandstand is better to choose?

Both grandstands offer different experiences and benefits. The main Grandstand will allow you to see the pitstops, the pre-race build-up, the pitstops, and inside the garages. The pit straight is also where these cars reach their top speeds.

The central grandstands provide more action in terms of racing. Turn 4 & 5 are common overtaking spots and often supply a close look at wheel-to-wheel action. Similarly, they overlook the other side of the track giving a view of Turn 17 to 20.

In the end, it might come down to your budget as well. The main Grandstand is more pricey, going up to 3,500 SAR, while the central is for 1200 SAR.

Who is Performing at the Saudi GP

The Jeddah Grand Prix is well known for attracting many superstars of the pop world. Some of the names invited in the past include David Guetta and Justin Bieber. This year, the aftershow concerts are being stacked with Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Travis Scott, and Charlie Puth. 

The tickets to the race provide access to all the concerts and events taking place at the trackside. Thus your golden ticket provides you with both on and off-track entertainment. The concerts will take place on the main stage in the F1 Fan Zones.

  • Saturday, 18th March: Afrojack, Calvin Harris, and Charlie Puth
  • Sunday, 19th March: Travis Scott

Where can I Watch the Race?

Attending a 3-day event that might not even be in your city is difficult. Sometimes, watching it with your family on your couch is better.

Multiple local channels will broadcast the Race, such as Sky Sports or an F1 TV subscription. Similarly, many online websites stream the Race as well such as Total Sportek.

Will the Race be Exciting?

The Jeddah F1 GP is one of the most awaited ones of the year. Its previous two iterations have created memorable moments in entirely different ways.

It’s also the track with the highest number of corners, 27. With its hairpins and S-sections, the circuit offers a low downforce and high-speed action. 

What happened in the Previous Jeddah F1 GP?

The ’21 edition’s Race was towards the season’s latter stages. It staged Hamilton and Verstappen battling tooth and nail throughout the Race. The qualifying almost provided one of Verstappen’s greatest qualifying performances.

In his final run of Q3, Verstappen lit up the track with two purple(quickest) sectors giving him a two and half tenth lead. As the world held its breath, Verstappen had a moment of oversteer in the final corner and nudged the barriers—the perfect incomplete lap.

Verstappen final Q3 run in Jeddah ’21 F1 GP

Last year provided excellent racing, too, as we saw Verstappen and Leclerc fight for the win in the final eight laps. Verstappen emerged Victorious by only six-tenths of a second.

The qualifying was memorable for Sergio Perez, who got his maiden pole position. It was the most extended wait for the first pole, 215 race starts.

If you’re thinking of the best way to spend your entire weekend in a lively city with great weather and a fantastic beach, you should clear up the 17th-19th march.

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