MOMRA Announces Technical Requirements Of Electric Car Chargers

Saudi Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing has announced the technical requirements and location of electric car chargers.

Riyadh — MOMRA, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, has announced the technical requirements of electric car chargers and identified their locations.

The ministry said that it announced the requirements to regulate the spatial and technical requirements for the vehicle charging sites.

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Among the most prominent requirements announced by the MOMRA are; Achieving the Saudi building code — spatial organization of shipping sites and equipment.

It is additionally allocating 5% of the parking spaces for those who want the activity. And putting places with levels of charging sites to feed electric vehicles.

The ministry has divided the levels of electric car charging sites into three sections. The first is where people leave their vehicles for long hours, such as in theaters, hotels, and malls.

The second level is again where people leave their cars for long periods. Such as train stations, parking lots of residential buildings, and regional transport stations.

While the third level is where people leave their cars for a few hours. These are the side lanes of commercial streets and gas stations of the two categories (A – B).

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The ministry said these conditions are required for charging electric vehicles. And cover the charging service for electric vehicle types: Electric vehicles (vehicles electric battery – BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

It is also noted that hybrid electric vehicles are excluded from this list. Clarifying that this type of electric vehicle needs an external charging source for the battery.

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