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If you are in desperate need for an email marketing tools, AWeber, can help you with a lot of things due to its amazing functionalities.

With an increasing emphasis on business-to-customer communication and clarity to build customer loyalty and increase sales, email marketing has gone from advantageous to crucial.

While, in many ways, this is a good thing, there is no doubt about the fact that it has exponentially increased business costs- especially for those just starting.

This is where AWeber swoops into the rescue. 

What Is AWeber? 

AWeber is an email-marketing tool that allows you to create a mailing list and capture all data; design newsletters to send to your subscribers, completely automate your marketing campaign; view and analyze statistics about your campaign and go accordingly.

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Despite being a notably small business, especially compared to other competitors like MailChimp, that doesn’t reduce its effectiveness. 

AWeber, more than anything else, is aimed at small businesses, which is quite obvious regarding their pricing plans.

While free users (with 1 to 500 subscribers) get pretty much all the available features except automation; the paid subscriptions only go up to cover a maximum of 25,000 subscribers; with the only difference in the plans being how many you have.

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This allows you to utilize the platform fully despite your size and gives small businesses a better chance of survival with subsidized tools. 

A Rundown of AWebers Functionality 

AWeber has a brilliant array of features one can utilize that may not be as innovative but are fully functional and give you the chance to customize when and if necessary.

With AWeber, you can easily import your mailing lists and create them; get access to nearly 600 combinations of templates for your newsletters that are both attractive and responsive; have web fonts accessible, and have an RSS be converted to email. 

It also offers other tools to make using AWeber easier, such as autoresponders; allowing you to set up follow-up emails based on specific, time- or action-based triggers.

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AWeber also takes this further with ‘market automation,’ which is essentially a more complex version of autoresponders; allowing emails to be sent by certain clicks and actions to the newsletter and site.

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Other notable features include testing, reviewing, third-party app integration, and more. 

However, it is imperative to mention that because AWeber is mainly aimed at those starting; the features don’t offer as much flexibility and extensiveness as competing sites like MailChimp; which are aimed at larger businesses.

While this can be a negative aspect, it is essential to remember the target demographic, for which the tools are not only perfect but have just the proper functionality to get used to and tinker around.

If you’re the head of a larger business with significant experience in email marketing, perhaps AWeber won’t be as suitable as other products.

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However, it is more cost-effective and incredibly functional, lacking in complexities. 


With that, we conclude this introduction to AWeber. From covering the basics to the essential aspects and features of the program, we believe you have enough information to see if this app is the best fit for you.

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We hope you found this introduction helpful and informative. 

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