Inaugurations Of The East-North Freight Train And Jubail Internal Train Network Projects

Prince Saud bin Naif, Emir of Eastern Province, officially inaugurated the Jubail Industrial City's internal railway network project.

Jubail — Prince Saud bin Naif, the Emir of Eastern Province, officially opened the railroad project. Through Jubail, he connected the North Freight Train Network with the East Freight Train Network (Dammam to Riyadh). On Sunday, during a ceremony held here. He also inaugurated the Jubail Industrial City’s internal railway network project.

In the first quarter of 2023, the project will start operating for profit. After the Public Transport Authority’s processes and demands for acquiring the project’s operating license have been satisfied.

Prince Saud bin Naif predicted that the region’s new railroad projects would significantly boost the industrial sector’s growth at the event.

It will have a significant role in assisting the Kingdom’s exports of different industrial and commercial materials.

He praised the outstanding success attained in completing these projects. He commended everyone’s efforts in making these projects a reality.

Saleh Al-Jasser reiterated in his speech SAR’s continued efforts to complete projects flawlessly and to the highest standards.

He considered its significant contribution to improving the Kingdom’s road transportation. The minister also emphasized the crucial significance of connecting the networks in the Eastern Province’s North and East regions.

With the network in Jubail Industrial City. Additionally, these projects significantly strengthened national industries.

They achieved the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program’s aims. Making the Kingdom a global logistics hub is just one of the initiatives of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Dr. Bashar Al-Malik emphasized the significance of tying the North and East Rail Networks together and their role in providing logistical support.

That connects the railroad network to Jubail and Dammam’s commercial and industrial ports. As a result, the national logistics and transportation services plan is successful. He noted that this would have an advantageous effect on local and regional logistics and transportation.

The industrial facilities in Jubail Industrial City will be served by the internal Jubail network, according to SAR.

That stretches from King Fahd Industrial Port and Jubail Commercial Port in Jubail to Sadara Co. in Jubail. Every year, King Fahd Port transfers more than six million tones of liquid and solid materials.

The 124 km-long railway that connects the East Track to the North Track is significant. Seven road bridges, three railway bridges, and three storage lines were all visible.

In Jubail Industrial City, the internal network project spans 69 km. This network serves its city’s factories. It has connections to the other railway networks, the King Fahd Industrial Port and the Jubail Commercial Port.

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