Jazan Mango; One Million Trees and 65,000 Tons of Mangoes Were Harvested From One million Trees

Saudi Arabia's Jazan Region has made crucial steps in developing mango cultivation & expanding its production by increasing farmers & farms.

Jazan: Saudi Arabia’s Jazan Region has made significant steps in developing mango cultivation and expanding its production by increasing the number of farmers and farms.

Agricultural production is one of the targets of the Saudi Vision 2030. The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture achieved a sustainable agricultural and rural development program.

The Ministry launched and improved the rural farming sector’s contribution by raising the living conditions of rural families. It increased production efficiency, improved the lifestyle, and achieved food security.

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In 2005, mango production in Jazan was 18,000 tons annually at the launch of the first edition of the annual mango festival. The region had 250,000 mango trees only at the time, but it produced 30 varieties of mangoes.

Currently, the region has 19,109 farms with more than 1,000,000 mango trees, and the annual production jumped to 65,000 tons annually.

The Jazan Agricultural Research Center made considerable contributions to the development of mango farming.

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Planting mangos started in Jazan in 1973 as an experiment. Modern farming began in 1983 by introducing new varieties from the US, Kenya, Egypt, and India, which reached 60 kinds.

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The mango picking season starts in mid-March and peaks in May, when mango production is of the highest quality. Jazan mangoes are competitive in many global markets for their high ship ability and easy export.

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Jazan Mango farming is spread across several governorates in Jazan Region. The Siba Governorate hosts one of the biggest mango farms with over 30,000 trees. This farm alone produces more than 600 tons annually.

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