Jeddah Redevelopment Project Progressing on Schedule

Committee for Random Districts in Jeddah Governorate stated, the razing of slums & random neighborhoods is going according to executive plan.

Jeddah: The Committee for the Random Districts in the Jeddah Governorate announced that the razing of slums and random neighborhoods; (Jeddah redevelopment project) is progressing according to the executive plan.

The demolition work in seven of the remaining 12 neighborhoods began after the holy month of Ramadan. These districts are Jamia, Bani Malik, Al-Wurud, Mushrifah, Al-Rehab, Al-Rawabi, and Aziziyah.

The committee had changed the schedule for serving notices to the residents. The disconnection of utility services, removing slums, and disposal of rubble from several neighborhoods will follow the program.

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The included are North Kilo 14, Muntazahat, Quwaizah, Al-Adl, Al-Fadl, and Umm Salam.

The committee will complete the process of serving notices and the disconnection of utility water services before razing the remaining neighborhoods.

Phase 1 of the Jeddah redevelopment project includes 32 slums, and of these, 20 were brought down to the ground.

Serving notices and disconnection services are under various stages of completion in the remaining 12 neighborhoods.

A timeline for serving notices to the residents of neighborhoods marked for demolition has been set. The committee had finished razing 20 slums before Ramadan and stopped all demolition until the end of the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

 The demolition of the structures and disposal of the rubble will be achieved in all targeted areas in Jeddah by the previously announced deadline of Nov. 17, 2022.

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The mayoralty aims to slums from a total area of 18.5 million square meters. This whole area includes the slums located within the land of the King Abdulaziz Endowment for Al-Ain Al-Aziziyah, an area of 13.9 million square meters.

These neighborhoods come within the first phase of the Jeddah Redevelopment Project.

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