Saudi Arabia: Limestone Mining licenses bids announced in Hufairat Nisah

Saudi Ministry of Industry & Mineral Resources has stated an auction for 13 mining licenses for limestone blocks of region's Hufairat Nisah

Riyadh: Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources has announced an auction for 13 mining licenses. These Mining licenses are for the limestone blocks of the Riyadh region’s Hufairat Nisah. The auctions are an opportunity for industrial investors of ornamental limestones.

The public auction process creates a fair environment for bidders. It reaches out to mining investors and promotes national industries according to the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives.

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Details of the auction process and documentation will be announced on the “Tadeen” platform. The action process includes a qualification round based on the conditions laid in the main auction document.

An applicant may submit their official qualification documents through the “Tadeen” platform from Wednesday, 13 April 2022.

The ministry has put regulations and procedures that consider the environmental and social impacts of mining activities and rehabilitation of the environment in areas surrounding mining sites after the termination of activities. Existing regulations ought to be in line with international standards and practices.

To apply for the tender, please go to: Mining Competition

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