What is ‘The Line” NEOM

Neom, the Line is 170 km in length and has a mirror façade that blends the structure.

No roads, no cars, it is the future of urban living, delivered today. Neom, The Line is 170 km in length and has a mirror façade that blends the structure and its surroundings as one.

THE LINE is a revolution in urban planning that puts people first– a distinct urban living experience that preserves its surrounding nature. 

What’s Special about ‘The Line’ NEOM?

No roads, cars, or emissions; transport in this city will run on 100% renewable energy. Unlike traditional towns, the city has reserved 95% of its land for nature

‘The Line’ prioritizes people’s health and well-being over transportation and infrastructure.

Big Town in a Small Space

Five hundred meters above sea level, THE LINE will eventually accommodate 9 million people, all within an area of just 34 square kilometers.

The structure is just 200 meters wide but 170 kilometers long. This space optimization will mean never-before-seen efficiencies in city functions and an ideal year-round climate for residents. 

In addition to its high-speed rail – with an end-to-end transit of 20 minutes, residents will have access to all urban facilities within a five-minute walk.

vertical city the line neom mega project
Courtesy by The Line, Neom

Environment and Impact

The Line will be the world’s first city powered by renewable energy, hydrogen, wind, and solar.


The tech-magnificent city confronts the traffic and pollution that overshadow urban life in conventional towns.

This futuristic development prioritizes walkability, with uninterrupted access to nature spread over multiple levels within a two-minute walk for residents. 

unparalleled nature the line neom mega project
Courtesy by The Line, Neom


The city will have zero-carbon emissions, have no cars, and use 100% renewable energy. Integrating nature and open spaces throughout will be important in purifying air quality.


All amenities will be accessible within a five-minute walk; the efficient public transport network will complete an end-to-end journey in just 20 minutes.

Artificial intelligence will power all automated services. Easy access to amenities means residents spend more time with their families and frequently meet friends.


The created environment is an optimal balance of natural light, shade, and ventilation. Additionally, the green open spaces throughout the city add natural comfort for people working at and visiting NEOM.

the living space the line neom mega project
Courtesy by The Line, Neom


NEOM will bring together some of the best and the brightest minds to live a remarkable socio-economic experiment. A Utopian life without pollution and traffic accidents. With world-class healthcare and nature at residents’ doorstep.

The city will create over 100,000 jobs by 2030. Conscious of human needs, the high-density ‘The Line’ will create a rich living experience and new business opportunities. 

world class quality the line neom mega project
Courtesy by The Line, Neom


The zero-car environment with zero pollution and wait time will create more time for leisure. Saving on car insurance, fuel, and parking expenses will mean higher residents’ net income.

The Line is a vertical garden city, so you are always just a few minutes from fresh air, greenery, and nature.

And the great ‘plus’ is that the community will live harmoniously with nature. 95% of the city’s land is to remain untouched by urbanization.

environmental solution urbanization the line neom mega project
Courtesy by The Line, Neom

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