80% of markets and shops adhered to tax regulations in Saudi Arabia

ZATCA carried out more than 8,000 inspection visits to shops & markets last May, noted 80% of compliance with tax regulations in Saudi Arabia

Riaydh — The ZATCA (Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority) stated that it carried out more than 8,000 inspection visits to shops and markets last May and during these visits, it recorded 80% of compliance with tax regulations in Saudi Arabia.

ZATCA indicated that it had recorded a 20% violation of the non-compliance from the shops and markets with tax regulations.

This was represented in not including the QR code in the invoice and not issuing e-tax invoices. All of this was in addition to controlling other violations in accordance with the system’s provisions.

ZATCA explained that these visits were carried out by its supervisory and inspection teams in cooperation with the national program.

The visits aimed to combat commercial cover-up included a number of commercial sectors in various regions and cities of the Kingdom.

Most notably: cafes, restaurants, car accessories stores, and the retail industry.

These inspection visits carried out by ZATCA aim to improve the shops’ compliance with the provisions of the tax regulations that are relevant in Saudi Arabia.

It further aims to limit commercial transactions in violation of the controls and instructions that fall within the ZATCA’s jurisdiction.

The authority urged people to report if they detect any of the tax violations through its official website. They could also notify through the authority’s app via iOs and Android.

Anyone who detects a tax violation and reports it to the authority will be rewarded.

The reward includes an incentive reward for tax violations at the rate of 2.5% of the breaches and fines’ value. With a maximum of SR1 million or SR1,000 as a minimum.

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