MHRSD Gains Financial Revenues of SR34.7 Billion in 2021

MHRSD achieved financial revenues worth SR34.7B in 2021 & expatriate fee constitutes the lion’s share of this, total to SR26.86 billion.

Riyadh — The MHRSD (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development) achieved financial revenues worth SR34.7 billion in 2021. The expatriate fee (monetary compensation) constitutes the lion’s share of this, amounting to SR26.86 billion.

These include two types of expatriate fees. The employer must pay SR800 per month for each foreign worker if the number of foreigners exceeds the total number of Saudis at that establishment.

The monthly expatriate fee is SR700 if the foreign workers at the establishment are less than the total number of Saudi staff.

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SR600, out of the expatriate fee of SR800, goes to MHRSD. In contrast, the remaining SR200 goes to the HADAF (Human Resources Development Fund).

While the expatriate fee amounting to a total of SR700 goes to the MHRSD account.

According to a ministry report, MHRSD received total financial revenues worth around SR20 billion, with an amount of SR600 per every foreign worker.

In contrast, the gains from the expatriate fee of SR700 received by the ministry reached a total of SR6.86 billion.

The proceeds from the expatriate fee received by HADAF came to a total of SR6.641 billion (SR200 per month).

The Fund also received profits from fines imposed on the private sector establishments for violations of the Labor Law.

That amounted to about SR581 million; in addition to about SR38.2 million in terms of fines smashed for the failure of implementing the Nitaqat Saudization program. The ministry made clarifications.

They explained that the revenues in terms of SR600 out of SR800 and SR700 of the monthly expatriate fee; the work permit fee, and the temporary entry visa have been transferred to the current account in the Ministry of Finance at the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA). This amounted to SR27.5 billion.

The ministry published a report in accordance with the transfer of a total of SR7.2 billion to the Human Resources Development Fund account.

This amount is a share of the proceeds from the expatriate fee (SR200 per month); as well as the fines for the infringements of the provisions of the Labor Law and Nitaqat Saudization program.

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