NEOM to Accelerate Smart Energy and Water Systems Development; Launches Subsidiary

NEOM has announced the launch of its subsidiary ENOWA to develop world-class water systems and sustainable energy.

NEOM, Saudi Arabia — NEOM has announced the launch of its subsidiary ENOWA to develop world-class water systems and sustainable energy. Operations to build these utilities have begun to provide the critical infrastructure for key NEOM projects

THE LINE is a revolutionary urban development; OXAGON, its reimagined industrial city; and TROJENA, its sustainable mountain tourism destination.

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OXAGON actively seeks tenants for its manufacturing hub, which is essential for energy and water supply.

NEOM aims to ensure 100% renewable affordable energy for all homes and industries. The world’s first to enable this at scale. NEOM will set the bar for other sustainability projects around the world.

ENOWA is the principal shareholder in NEOM’s Green Hydrogen Plant, stated to be operational in 2025. It will be the first of several plants making NEOM an innovation hub for green hydrogen production. Green hydrogen will be exported and used within NEOM for various solutions, including fueling clean, autonomous electric vehicles.

NEOM’s sustainable water and the water-waste system will deliver low-cost water to all residents and businesses in NEOM. Its advanced desalination plants will not put anything back into the sea. And will provide drinkable, mineralized water to all in NEOM, directly to the tap and at the bottling plant.

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At the same time, the desalination plant will produce valuable mineral by-products from the seawater. Brine, the desalination output, is usually waste. Still, ENOWA plans to produce industrial materials such as industrial-grade salt, magnesium, and potassium. ENOWA will sell these by-products commercially.

Eng. Abdulrahman Al Fadley, the Chairman of ENOWA, said:

“NEOM is committed to sustainability and creating a circular economy. The Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture added that it is vital to the nation.

It is central to Vision 2030 and for net-zero emissions goal for 2060. ENOWA is a noteworthy development for NEOM and the nation, and it will be the blueprint for developments elsewhere for years to come.” 

CEO of NEOM Nadhmi Al-Nasr stated:

“With the guidance and support of HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, we are working to make a significant global impact.

Through our businesses, projects, and subsidiaries. New investors and partners are welcome to collaborate with ENOWA and help create a circular economy. At a scale and powered by 100% renewable energy and abundant water.

The innovative approach of ENOWA will create the blueprint for new, sustainable industries in Saudi Arabia. ENOWA stands to become a benchmark for integrated sustainable energy, water, and hydrogen systems. Its approach will extend to other industries to develop a sustainable marketplace, both in the region and abroad.”

Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA, added:

“NEOM’s approach is to live in harmony with nature. Our new company partners with its environment to create a sustainable cycle. This partnership will provide the resources to power a thriving, sustainable economy.

Our vision is brought to life by the best minds in the world—leaders in their respective fields, supported by innovation and technology. We cannot and will not be able to do it alone. The challenges the world faces need global collaboration.

We look forward to working with leaders worldwide in the energy, hydrogen, and water industries to drive innovation together.”

NEOM’s greenfield site is at the heart of innovation at ENOWA. It will be the incubator for new companies.

ENOWA is integral to NEOM’s success for environmental sustainability through renewable energy. Its water treatment and management are rapidly becoming a global reference point for industry leaders.

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