PLAYHERA and Zain Unveil  a Multi-Million-Dollar Deal 

Gaming startup PLAY-HERA plan to invest more than SR375M announced a joint-venture agreement to launch PLAYHERA MENA powered by Zain eSports.

Riyadh: Zain and the fast-growing gaming startup PLAYHERA announced a joint-venture agreement to launch PLAYHERA MENA powered by Zain eSports.

Zain, Zain eSports, and PLAYHERA plan to invest more than SR 375 million over the upcoming five years; the newly established JV will have Riyadh as its headquarters and go after MENA’s lucrative gaming market with an estimated 100 million gamers across the region.

PLAYHERA MENA plans to rapidly diversify its offering to gamers by incorporating new technologies leveraging Zain’s infrastructure and PLAYHERA’s interactive platforms.

This multi-featured gaming social hub helps all industry stakeholders to come together and engage.

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The agreement for the JV signed by Zain and PLAYHERA CEO Naif Mulaeb will establish a platform for gaming content creators and offer value-added services to gamers like high-rewarding tournaments, cloud games, exclusive entertainment content, and an online store.

“We are excited to establish this new venture with Riyadh as its headquarters,” said Sultan AlDeghaither. He added that “in Zain, we consider the digital generation of the Kingdom and the region, our core segment as we continuously address their needs and provide them with the latest technologies and access to services that match their requirements, especially when it comes to the tech-savvy gamers.”

Naif Mulaeb of PLAYHERA added. “are pleased to sign this agreement, offering the Middle East and North Africa region with distinguished services to gamers such as gaming tournaments, cloud games, exclusive content, and e-commerce.

We are proud to be a Saudi brand with a global presence in major markets,” adding that “we will continue to work to encourage individuals and interested companies to benefit from our platform that gives them solid access to the whole esports industry.”

Zain Group’s Chief Investment & Digital Officer Malek Hammoud added, “The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing gaming regions globally, and we are keen to unlock the potential of aspiring gamers of the region to compete on the global stage.

This JV reconfirms the momentum in gaming, and Zain Esports aims to foster the growth of the esports.”

With its fast growth, PLAYHERA already has 150,000 actively engaged gamers on its platform. It plans to expand its presence on the regional and international levels to be an industry platform that serves all stakeholders.

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Zain Esports’ presence as a gaming powerhouse is creating an ecosystem that reduces reliance on traditional telco services and opens growing opportunities for fast-growing and lucrative digital services and online gaming.

Gaming is the most significant use of mobile and home broadband services. 

Zain Esports recently received an award at the prestigious Samena Council-endorsed MEA Business Technology Achievement Awards 2021 for Innovation Collaborations and Partnerships to foster the gaming ecosystem.

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