Saudi Fashion Commission and KAUST To Establish A Research Center

Saudi Culture Ministry & KAUST signed an agreement that they will study the establishment of a local research center for Textile and Fashion.

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Fashion Commission and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) will study the establishment of a local research center for Textile and Fashion.

The center will be located within the university’s research and technology department. It will research innovation to develop sustainable solutions and techniques in textiles and fashion technology in the Kingdom.

The commission will invite local and global experts and companies to work with the center.

The MOU aims to harness technology and scientific research to develop the Kingdom’s fashion sector. It will empower university students and local talents in the textile sector.

The signing took place at the ministry headquarters in Diriyah, in the presence of the commission CEO Burak Cakmak and Kevin Colin, KAUST’s Vice President for Innovation.

The agreement covered cooperation between the two parties in exploring the possibility of developing and implementing entrepreneurship programs and localizing relevant skills.

The MOU will explore research and innovation initiatives in materials, fashion, and textiles.

The memorandum allows the commission to provide resources and logistical support for emerging technologies developed by local and international companies.

The earmarked sectors are sustainability technologies, smart textiles, and technical clothing.

The MOU also provides for cooperation in training and employment opportunities for Saudi youth in the fashion industry. The effort will be a joint venture between the commission and the university.

The Fashion Commission is combining its efforts with educational institutions in the Kingdom to develop Saudi talent in the field of fashion.

University Alumni will train at the best research center institutes for international exposure to textile and fashion specialization.

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