Saudi, US Treasury Bond Holdings Rose By $4.5 Billion In June

Saudi Arabia is the 16th largest holder of US Treasury bonds. Its June '22 holdings stand at $119.2 billion.

Riyadh — Saudi Arabia’s holdings of US Treasury bonds increased month-on-month to $119.2 billion during June 2022, an increase of $4.5 billion (SR16.88 billion), compared to May 2022, per the latest data given by the US Treasury.

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The Kingdom maintained its 16th position as the largest holders of US bonds in June. However, on an annual basis, Saudi Arabia reduced its holdings of US Treasury bonds by 6.58 percent.

Equivalent to $8.4 billion, after the value of bonds held by Saudi Arabia was about $127.6 billion in June of 2021.

Saudi Arabia’s long-term investments in US treasury bonds last June accounted for $102.02 billion, representing 86 percent of the total. Short-term bonds amounted to $17.1 billion, or 14 percent.


Asian countries Japan, India, China, and Saudi Arabia had reduced their US Treasury bonds by $155.1 billion.

In June, Japan was the top holder of US Treasury bonds, with a value of $1236.3 billion. China and the UK followed with holdings of $967.8 billion and $615.4 billion, respectively.

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