Saudi Ministry of Commerce Warns of Anonymous E-Stores

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The ministry emphasizes that consumers should deal with trusted e-stores, which have commercial registration or records on Maarof e-platform.

RIYADH – The Saudi Ministry of Commerce official spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Hussein warned the consumers from the anonymous electronic stores (e-stores) and accounts on Thursday.

The spokesman stressed that consumers avoid shopping from fake and anonymous accounts that market fraudulent and counterfeit products and promote false advertisements. This is because it intends to defraud shoppers.

The spokesman stated that the ministry had emphasized that consumers should deal with trusted e-stores; which have commercial records or are registered on the “Maarof” e-platform to safeguard their interest.

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Meanwhile, Al-Hussein called on e-stores registered on the “Maarof” platform to obtain the commercial registration; or a freelancer document for the practitioners to ensure the continuity of documenting their stores on the forum.

The Ministry of Commerce permits stores with commercial registration to register on the “Maarof” platform after completing the registering process. However, stores that do not have a commercial registration will not be able to work legally unless they obtain the freelance registration; through the freelance platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

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The Ministry of Commerce targets enhancing the reliability of e-commerce; its expansion eliminating anonymous stores, and protecting and preserving the merchant and consumer rights.

Al-Hussein has asked the public to report violating e-stores through the “Receiving a Commercial Complaint – Balagh” application; or via MCI Consumer Call Center 1900, or at the official website of the Ministry of Commerce; in addition via the “Maarof” platform for the stores already registered in it.

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