Young Saudi Women’s Training Project For Fishery Sales And Marketing Announced

Al-Kinani, Saudi Fisheries Program told enrolling 60 young Saudi women in training project to qualify them for products sales & marketing.

Riyadh Musa Al-Kinani is the deputy CEO of the Saudi National Fisheries Development Program. He announced enrolling 60 young Saudi women in a training project to qualify them for the sales and marketing of fishery products.

This is the first such project in Saudi Arabia, as reported by Al-Arabiya. He said experts and specialists in the field would train these young women to sell and market fish products.

Al-Kinani said the project’s purpose is to train the selected Saudi women in the ‘Solutions’ track. This ‘Solution’ system specializes in sales and marketing and developed by experts and specialists in the field.

The initiative aims to qualify and train young Saudis for the fishery profession. The ministry has many strategic plans to create job opportunities for young men and women in several technical and craft sectors.

He said there are four initiatives to localize several professions and accommodate young Saudi men and women, including fishing, beekeeping, livestock breeding, and agriculture.

About the fishery profession, Al-Kinani said that the domain has four primary sectors, three on land -transportation and distribution; sales and marketing; and support services and operations. Actual fishing is the only sector performed in the ocean.

Al-Kinani revealed that 90 percent of the sales and marketing targets are females. 

Additionally, the operations and support services aim to provide the necessary services for boats that do not have access to port services, refueling, maintenance, etc.

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