The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) introduces a 200-riyal banknote

Saudi Central Bank
SAMA introduces 200 Riyal banknote under a royal decree

The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia announced the launch of a two-hundred-riyal denomination of paper currency. On the fifth anniversary since the launch of the “Kingdom’s Vision 2030“, based on Article 4 of the Saudi Monetary System issued by Royal Decree No. 6 dated 01/07/1379H.

The Central Bank stated that the two hundred riyal denomination would be offered and circulated from today, Sunday, in addition to the banknotes currently in circulation in all its denominations as official legal currency.

The Central Bank confirmed that this category is printed according to the latest standards in paper currency printing, as it is characterized by many technical specifications, high-quality security signs, and a distinctive design and attractive colors that highlight the design of this category.

He pointed out that the design of a two-hundred-riyal paper denomination of grey color includes the image of the founding King Abdulaziz bin Abdul-Rahman Al Saud on the face of this category, with the slogan “Kingdom Vision 2030” in three-dimensional design.

The note’s backside has a picture of the Palace of Government in Riyadh, with the name of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, and the value in letters and numbers in English.

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