Ministry of Health Explains The New Flu Virus

In Saudi Health Ministry statement, explained the reality of the rumored new flu virus, a large group of respiratory viruses cause flu.

Riyadh — The Saudi Health Ministry explained the reality of the rumored new flu virus.

The ministry, in its statement, said that a large group of respiratory viruses cause flu, and there is currently a group of them similar to the symptoms of seasonal influenza but with less severity.

In another statement, the ministry revealed the presence of more than 20 types of viruses that cause flu, most notably:

1 – Rhinovirus, the virus that is considered the most common, is also known to spread, usually in the spring and fall seasons.

2 – The human parainfluenza virus is present throughout the year and causes symptoms very similar to regular influenza. And there are four species of it, one of which spreads at the beginning of the summer season.

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3 – The Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). This virus causes flu and is known to infect younger people usually. The virus is present in most months of the year, but globally the infection increases in the fall season.

Among the symptoms of RSV, one is that it causes symptoms similar to asthma, and in some cases, it may require admission to the hospital and remain under observation.

The ministry said that there is no special treatment for flu, but patients can take an analgesic medicine and fever-reducing medications after consulting a doctor.

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