The Minister of Health Forms A Committee To Monitor Ethical Practices In The Mental Health Sector

Saudi Health Minister told the creation of an important committee & monitor violations, ethical, professional practice in mental health sector

RiyadhMinister of Health Dr. Fahad Al-Jalajel is also chairman of the National Center for Mental Health Promotion Sector Board of Directors.

He announced on Monday, the formation of an important committee. This committee will monitor violations related to professional and ethical practices in the mental health sector.

Dr. Al-Jalajel formed a committee of specialists from several fields. These include those from the General Department of Mental and Social Health in the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Psychiatric Association (Nafs). It also contains consists of the Saudi Arabian Psychological Association and civil society institutions.

The specialists in the committee will perform diverse tasks in a wide range of areas. These areas cover monitoring the erring practices in the mental health sector.

The latter would be in addition to monitoring the un-ethical practices pursued by licensed and unlicensed practitioners in the mental health field.

The specialists’ tasks also include introducing professional practices in mental health. The specialists would clarify the scientific position regarding new techniques and methods in this regard.

Specialists must also follow up on what is published in the media and social communication regarding mental health. They are to clarify views on it at all scientific and professional levels.

The committee called on everyone to communicate with it via e-mail: [email protected]— if they have any comments, suggestions, or ideas.

This communication would contribute to and help support what they are working on to boost the Kingdom’s mental health sector and achieve its targeted goals.

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