SAMA Approves Health Insurance For Citizens Outside Saudi Arabia

Health Insurance
Saudi Arabia to launch travel health insurance products for Saudi outside citizens, including benefits that cover the risks of infection.

The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance announced the approval of a travel insurance product for Saudi citizens outside Saudi Arabia, including benefits that cover the risks of infection with the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The travel insurance product for citizens leaving abroad aims to provide health care and full medical coverage for cases infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19) while traveling to other countries.

Insurance program ensures quick and easy access to treatment service, including coverage for life-threatening medical cases in various countries, travel risks and quarantine procedures, canceling or missing trips, medical expenses, and medical evacuation in emergency cases, God forbid.

Tawuniya Insurance Company was approved to offer this product through a standard insurance pool to facilitate the citizens’ access to the insurance policy with a unified mechanism through the various available sales channels.

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The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Cooperative Health Insurance Council called on everyone to follow precautionary and preventive measures during their travels and to abide by the instructions issued by the competent authorities, wishing safety for all.

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