The Six Most At-Risk Categories Must Get The Seasonal Flu Vaccine

The Saudi Health Ministry revealed six categories that must receive the six categories seasonal influenza flu vaccine.

Riyadh — The Health Ministry revealed six categories that must receive the seasonal influenza flu vaccine.

The ministry clarified in an infographic published on its official account on a Twitter platform that the six categories who must receive the vaccine are;

Those with chronic disease, obese people, and children from ages six months to 5 years old.

It has also clarified that the categories most in need of the vaccine are those aged 65 and above and persons working in the health sector.

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Additionally, children ages six months to 18 years old receiving long-term aspirin therapy are among those in the most-need category for receiving the vaccine.

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The ministry has called for everyone to be keen to get the seasonal flu vaccine to protect themselves against the complications of infection, stating that people can register an appointment through the Sehhaty app.

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