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Ramadan in Winter: Anticipating the Holy Month

Get essential updates on this year’s Ramadan, which is expected to start during winter. Our article will also introduce some essential winter dishes for making the most of these precious days.

Riyadh Car Show 2024 Drives Automotive Excellence!

Explore Riyadh Car Show 2024 for the latest in automotive innovation, trends, and excitement. Get ready to rev your engines!

Audi A5 2024 in Saudi Arabia(Updated)

Audi A5 2024 was launched in Saudi Arabia with a significant lift-off in the car and has upgraded driver safety features.

When Will Ramadan Start? Expected Dates and Ramadan Traditions

Start preparing for Ramadan by understanding its cultural and spiritual significance. This article provides information about Ramadan dates and discusses how Muslims spend this special month.

YouTube’s Game-Changing Feature: What Are YouTube Handles? 

YouTube's aim has always been to make connections easier. So, here switching to YouTube handles is its latest move.

Exploring Residential Real Estate: UAE vs Saudi Arabia

Comparing UAE and Saudi Arabia real estate markets - investment opportunities, affordability, yields, ownership regulations and government initiatives.


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5 Best Websites/Apps to Rent Apartments in Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital and financial center of Saudi Arabia, which makes it a famous city for visitors. Let’s learn more about the best websites for renting apartments in Riyadh.

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