Domestic Pilgrims Can Choose The Preferred Package at The Next E-Draw; Hajj Ministry

Riyadh— The Hajj Ministry has asked domestic Hajj pilgrims to wait for the upcoming Hajj e-draw to get a preferred package.

Riyadh— The Hajj Ministry has asked domestic Hajj pilgrims to wait for the upcoming Hajj e-draw to get a preferred package.

The Ministry clarified on Thursday in response to queries regarding the change in the package selected by the applicants. The Ministry of Hajj published the results of the e-draw on Wednesday.

The Ministry’s statement explained that the change in the package was because the e-draw system could not choose any of the packages previously preferred by the applicants

The Ministry stated that the e-draw system suggested a different package to allow the applicant to accept the alternative package. Or wait for the next draw for their preferred package.

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The Ministry announced on Wednesday that 297,444 citizens and residents had registered in the e-draw for the Hajj of 2022. The applicants comprised 62 percent men and 38 percent women.

The Ministry has completed the screening and nomination process of pilgrims. The qualified applicants for the upcoming Hajj were contacted through text messages to review the application and complete the registration process.

The Ministry revealed that those who were not lucky in the e-draw would have a chance in the next draw once alternative or additional seats become available.

In a press statement, the Ministry said the total number of completed applications exceeded 217,000 through the Eatmarna app and the e-portal for domestic hajj pilgrims.

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As a result, SMS messages are sent to qualified applicants to make the payment through designated payment methods within 48 hours.

Thirty-eight percent of applicants are from the age group of 31-40, followed by 21-30 years old, denoting 23 percent. Meanwhile, the 41-50 age bracket represented 21 percent of applicants.

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Twelve percent of the pilgrim applicants belong to the age group of 51-65. The lowest number of applications received is from people under the age of 20.

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