High-Number of Domestic Pilgrims in One Request Reduces Qualifying Chances for Hajj

The Ministry's clarification came after it announced that it would use the e-draw to nominate applicants from domestic pilgrims for Hajj 2022.

Riyadh: The Ministry of Umrah and Hajj has stated the mechanism for nominating applicants from domestic pilgrims will be via an e-draw.

However, increasing the number of domestic pilgrims in a single request will reduce the chances of qualifying the nominees in the Hajj’s e-draw.

The Ministry’s clarification came after it announced that it would use the e-draw to nominate applicants from domestic pilgrims for Hajj 2022.

This decision was in order to provide equal opportunities for applicants for Hajj from within the Kingdom.

The Ministry said that the nominators who meet the requirements would be selected through an e-draw.

The Ministry stressed that the results will be without prioritizing, criteria, or setting specific preferences. They made it clear that there would be no biases, whether in gender or nationality.

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It noted that notifying the nominators of their qualification for Hajj 2022 will begin on Sunday; 13/11/1443 AH, corresponding to 12/6/2022.

The Ministry indicated significant matters in the guide to the conditions; and mechanism for registering domestic pilgrims for Hajj this year.

They stated that the optional package is the package that is selected in the event that the preferred package seats have expired. The expiration would be according to the individual’s price during registration.

If a group of individuals registers in one request; the Ministry noted that the system deals with the entire group as one request.

They pointed out that if one of the individuals who has registered does not meet the conditions; then the whole request will be canceled.

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Additionally, if any registered persons do not complete filling out the required data, they will be notified to complete the registration.

The Ministry made statements regarding the condition that this year’s Hajj will be limited; only to those individuals who have not performed the Hajj rituals before.

According to the Hajj and Umrah Information Center data, the Ministry said that the state would be checked.

The Ministry indicated that the bill should be paid within 48 hours only. Holidays and vacations are not counted within the time limit available for payment.

The reservation process will be canceled if the bill is not paid within the specified period.

The Ministry laid out specific warnings according to the cancelation policy. No money will be refunded to the applicant if he cancels the Hajj permit without canceling the reservation.

That is after he was successfully nominated for Hajj and received a text message, and completed the payment process.

Any delay in canceling the reservation after revoking the Hajj permit will have financial consequences.

According to the cancelation policy, any delay for each day entails a deduction of a percentage of the reservation value according to the detailed schedule.

In the guideline for Hajj 2022, the Ministry said that the mechanism for requesting a refund is,

  • Via the e-track: https://localhaj.haj.gov.sa.
  • Via the technical support number: 920026265,
  • Through the Eatamarna app.

The process begins with submitting a request for a refund, then choosing the bank and entering the IBAN. Lastly, the request will be reviewed and implemented within seven working days.

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