Ending Quarantine Reduces Recruitment Costs by SR3500

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Saudi Arabia’s decision to lift institutional quarantine, reduced the cost of hiring house workers by up to SR3500.

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s decision to lift institutional quarantine for foreign arrivals has reduced the cost of hiring house workers by up to SR3500. According to sources in the recruitment market.

Industry sources confirm recruitment costs would come down by SR2200 to SR3500. The decrease comes after Saudi authorities scrapped institutional quarantine for all foreigners arriving in the Kingdom.

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The sources stated that the recruitment companies were deliberately charging exorbitant charges. 

The source said the institutional quarantine at one of the approved hotels began at ten days; and then reduced to seven days and later to five days.

Musaned, the electronic portal for hiring domestic workers, has not made any changes in recruiting costs. It has added value to the institutional quarantine for house workers. However, the sources said the prices of institutional quarantine varied from one country to another, ranging from SR2200 to SR3500.

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They noted that the cost of the recruitment of Ugandan Domestic Workers with institutional quarantine was between SR12700 and SR13000. In contrast, the rates for Sri Lankan workers rose to SR29300 and for Filipino workers to SR23200.

The sources indicated that the Philippine Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines; included in the contract provisions the addition of the fee for institutional quarantine at three- or five-star hotels.

Dr. Saleh Al-Qahtani, an investor in the recruitment field, said the Ministry of Interior’s decision to lift institutional quarantine for those coming to the Kingdom directly reflected the costs of recruiting domestic workers.

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