How To Request For A Return Flight Through Absher Aodah

The pandemic has meant that most of the country is in lockdown almost always. This allows for you to get your Awdah ticket from your home!

What is Absher?

Absher is a mobile phone app that is available on both iPhone and Android. It’s an online government platform that allows for access to the Ministry of Interior services. As a result, the ministry itself developed, regulated, and runs the app. The services it provides include renewal of visas, obtaining Hajj permits and paying traffic fines, and a return flight to the native land of any expatriate.

How To Register through Absher?

Absher’s app can be accessed through the link here. This is by the way the first step to register for the return flight. You’ll need to select the ‘individuals’ tab here if you’re registering for yourself. The next window will lead you to electronic services where you’ll go for passports and then awdah.

Clicking on Awdah provides you with some information about the process as well as a button for inquiries too. Below this, you’ll find the ‘travel request’ button which will then request your basic biodata info such as your iqama number and other info that would help the app identify you through the ministry’s database. 

The final info that you need to give is the location of departure and arrival. This means that it will request the region and the city you’re living in. Moving on, it will ask you to specify from where you wish to depart and which city you wish to arrive.

How Do I Get My Ticket?

The processing of your request takes a day or two. Once it’s approved you get a notification through text message about it. You can also track the status of your request from the Absher itself. Once you submit the awdah request, the system will give you a request number. The text message will contain the payment details for your return ticket. This will also come along with the ticket number, reservation details, and your travel date. Keep that text message handy, that is basically your permit for movement through the city on the day of  departure.

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Overall, Absher Awdah is a great online tool that can help both the government and civilians. It helps the government to transfer its office services online in light of the pandemic. It also allows people to access these services in the comfort of their homes. It saves them the worry of going back and forth to the offices and doing rounds to get a return ticket. Instead, you can just get them on your mobile phone now.

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