It is now mandatory that all Saudi visit visas have insurance that has covid coverage

Covid coverage insurance
Everyone traveling to Saudi Arabia must have insurance that covers COVID19 treatment. Covid coverage insurance is a requirement for all visit visa holders.

Covid coverage insurance is a requirement for all visit visa holders. The new requirement issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding visit visas and insurance and all its information. Find all that you need to know in this article below.

Saudi Central Bank and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance issued an Important statement. It says that all those who travel to Saudi Arabia on a visit visa now have to follow a new rule. Whether they are traveling for tourism, umrah, or any other purpose, they need to have insurance as a result of covid positive.

How much will the insurance cover?

If you for suppose to have contracted covid, the insurance will at most cover SR 650,000. That includes SR 450 coverage per day for 14 days of the quarantine period. These 14 days are typically how long the quarantine period is.

It was also informed that in the case of death by the coronavirus, the insurance will also cover the cost of returning the deceased back to their country. For this, they have allocated SR 6,500.

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How to get the insurance?

It’s all a pretty simple process. If you reside in Saudi Arabia and have a visit visa with insurance, the insurance company will update your insurance. They will update it in such a way that it includes the coverage of a possible covid infection.

This, however, will increase the cost of the insurance as it now contains one more clause.

If your visa is new and you are visiting from your home country, then the situation is different. The new visa will automatically cover the cost of this insurance. And, you need not make any extra payments. This, of course, is a significant relief.

Additionally, if the case is such that your visa here is a pre-existing one when this new statement is issued, then it is required that you buy standard insurance. This will include the insurance for covid too. You won’t have to separately purchase it.

In conclusion, getting insurance that covers covid expenses is quite simple. More than that, it is also a necessity. Every person traveling to or is already present in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia right now needs to cater to this new statement. Everyone must abide by it.

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