Hajj Ministry Warns Against Fake Hajj 2022 Websites

Ministry warned people who wish to perform Hajj from inside the Kingdom against dealing with any suspicious & fake websites.

Jeddah: The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah warned people who wish to perform Hajj 2022 from inside the Kingdom against dealing with any suspicious and fake websites claiming to help with the Hajj registration.

On Friday, the ministry said that it would announce the Hajj procedures for the 2022 season via its official website soon (not fake hajj websites).

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In April, the ministry announced an increase in pilgrims performing Hajj. One million domestic and international pilgrims will be permitted to perform Hajj this year 2022. With a fixed quota allocated to each country.

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As per an earlier announcement by the Hajj Ministry, foreign pilgrims will make up 85 percent of the total pilgrims performing Hajj in 2022.

A total of 850,000 international pilgrims will be allowed to perform Hajj, along with 150,000 domestic pilgrims.

The number of foreign pilgrims permitted this year represents only 45.2 percent of the actual quota; of pilgrims allotted for each country before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Ministry of Hajj has set specific terms and conditions for foreign pilgrims for this year’s Hajj.

These include not allowing people above 65 to perform the pilgrimage; and making two doses of coronavirus vaccines mandatory for all pilgrims.

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