Public-Private Sector Staff Under All Age Groups Can Apply For A Foreign Scholarship Program

Public-Private Sector Staff Under All Age Groups Can Apply For A Foreign Scholarship Program-saudiscoop
Saudi employees in public & private sectors can apply for Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program with no specific age required.

Riyadh Saudi employees in public and private sectors can apply for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program. There is no specific age requirement for applying for the program.

Hence, the program said in a statement that employees under any age could apply for it.

This also applies to Saudi students pursuing higher studies abroad at their expense. Saudi students can apply per the program’s general requirements, terms and conditions, and track.

The program revealed that male and female students’ sons, daughters, wives, and husbands can apply for one of the tracks. The application must be according to the terms and conditions formulated for them.

The people applying must be those who pursue scholarship studies abroad. Saudi Government employees and civilian or military personnel can also apply for the scholarship program.

However, these public and private sectors employees and personnel must fulfill the general requirements for scholarships and special needs for the track.

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The program confirmed that those who study abroad at their expense could apply for a scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, each person must fulfill the scholarship’s general conditions and the track’s unique requirements.

The program called on aspiring candidates to visit its official website for more information through the link.

The Ministry of Education has set the strategy for the foreign scholarship program with four tracks. The tracks include Research and development, Alrowad (Pioneers), Imdad (Supply), and Wa’ed (Promising).

Each way has its own goals, governance, and fields. These tracks specify the target groups, qualifications, and specializations.

They are intended to increase flexibility in the program and update new developments in the labor market.

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