Saudi update on Thai travel procedures, as Saudi Arabia records a steep drop in new COVID-19 cases

Bangkok — The Saudi Embassy in Bangkok updates its traveling procedure details for Thailand for Saudi citizens.

Bangkok — The Saudi Embassy in Bangkok updates its traveling procedure details for Thailand for Saudi citizens.

The embassy reminded all Saudi citizens to seek immediate medical attention if they display any of the following symptoms, chills, fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, vesicular lesions, or rash within 21 days of arrival in Thailand.

The update also insists citizens inform the doctor of their travel to an area infected with monkeypox

Telling the doctors about the traveling data history, symptoms, departure date, arrival date, and place of residence will help them give the correct diagnosis of the disease and prompt treatment.

Saudi tourists and travelers wishing to report their illness should contact the Disease Control Department on the hotline 1422 or at 0973156850 for appropriate assistance.

The embassy posted the requirements for Saudis to enter Thailand starting from July 2022. 

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The post details the entry conditions and procedures for vaccinated traveler are:

1 – Saudi citizens must obtain a visa from the Consulate General in Jeddah or the Thai Embassy in Riyadh or a visa on arrival with 14 days validity.

2 – Confirmed ticket for a round-trip

3 – An approved vaccination certificate by the Ministry of Health with COVID-19 vaccine, two or more doses.

4 – All document copies to present at Thai immigration.

The entry conditions & procedures for Saudi traveler not vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine are;

1 – Saudis must safeguard their passport, as the Kingdom’s law requires it must not be submitted for any purpose or handed over to anyone except to responsible authority to check the passport for a person’s identity.

2 – Inform the nearest police station immediately if their passport is lost or stolen.

Additionally, they must record the case number and date in the police file and report the details to the embassy.

3 – Saudi citizens should be careful in dealing with people who claim to be owners of companies or businesses.

4 – It is essential to be safe and stay away from dubious establishments.

5 – Saudi citizens should take caution against theft when they go out for walks or while shopping. They should not put their money or passports in handbags that are easy to steal.

6 – Instead, the embassy suggests Saudi citizens use the taxis registered with the official authorities from the airport. This instruction is especially for families arriving in Bangkok or other cities.

The embassy says Saudi citizens could also register the fare number or the plate number for reference if required.

7 – All Saudi visitors must register their passports electronically with the embassy through its official website or app.

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8 – It is crucial to activating debit or credit cards before traveling to Thailand if the Saudi citizens want to use them. Some citizens have had problems and could not withdraw money from the ATM because of the lack of activation.

9 – A legal rental contract is essential when renting an apartment, house, or car; detailing the terms and regulations of the rental agreement. The contract must mention the amount of insurance, payment mode, and the time of its payment.

Saudi citizens must sign a contract after agreeing to all the contract terms; noting that each contract clause must adhere to avoid legal disputes.

10 – Any Saudi citizen who applies for passport renewal must provide a valid national ID.

12 – It is necessary to stay away from places of political gatherings or demonstrations or try to engage and participate in them, as they are considered an internal political affair.

13 – Saudi citizens must respect and not interfere with others in their private affairs of religions; as well as the importance of not attacking the religious beliefs and symbols of others.

14 – Saudi citizens should beware of smoking in designated places to avoid paying fines.

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