3rd Country 14-day Stay Mandatory for Travelers From Countries Still Under a Covid-19 Travel Ban

The Saudi Jawazat stated; 14-days stay in a third country is mandatory & explains travelers arriving from countries under the travel ban.

Riyadh — The General Directorate of Passports of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that a 14-day stay in a third country is mandatory. They explained this is for travelers arriving into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from countries under the travel ban.

The Jawazat clarified only visit visa holders ‘not‘ arriving from travel suspended countries are allowed direct entry into the Kingdom. This stipulation is for travelers coming from or having passed through a ‘Travel banned” country. Fourteen days before arrival in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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The Jawazat clarified the matter in response to various queries. People have inquired if visit visa holders with a Tawakkalna app immune status can enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia directly from travel suspended countries. Or would they need to spend 14 days in a third country?

On March 5, the Ministry of Interior had announced lifting all coronavirus restrictions in the country. These included maintaining social distancing and wearing masks outdoor.

According to the new regulations, travelers no longer need mandatory COVID-19 quarantine upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Arriving passengers are no longer required to provide a PCR or antigen-negative coronavirus test result upon their arrival. However, all visit visa arrivals to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must get insurance. The insurance must cover the costs of treatment from coronavirus infection.

The regulations also include lifting the suspension of direct flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana. Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritius, Zambia, Madagascar, Angola, Seychelles, United Republic of Comoros, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan.

Travel from a few countries is still suspended, including Lebanon and Turkey.

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