Saudi Arabia Bans Soft Drinks Sale In Schools

Al-Shehri, Education Ministry spokesman confirms, sales of soft drinks are banned in school premises as it violates health requirement by MoH

Riyadh — Ministry of Education’s spokesperson Ibtesam Al-Shehri has confirmed that soft drinks are not allowed (Banned) inside schools as it violates the health requirements set by the Ministry.

The spokesperson made these remarks during an interview with Al-Ekhbarya. She added that the Ministry had set health requirements regarding the nutrition services for school students.

The Ministry has also asked the education department to follow up on what’s on sale at school canteens.

She stressed that the Ministry would monitor the school canteens to check their commitment to not selling soft drinks and their compliance to selling only the permitted food in school.

The spokesperson said that the Ministry had directed the educational departments to open the doors to the private sector to provide food services.

The spokesperson said the Ministry’s preparations for the new academic year are in full swing. The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, has directed all the educational departments to complete their preparations ahead of the new school year.

She confirmed complete preparations to receive the students, with all facilities and services provided for them.

All the school books would also be available digitally on the “Madrasati” platform. Printed copies of the curriculum will be distributed, except for digital skills, art education, and life and family skills. These will only be available digitally.

The spokesperson emphasized that the e-curricula would facilitate the lengthy research process for the students, as it will help them in availing information easily and quickly.

Critical thinking will be part of the new curricula taught this year.

First graders in primary schools began studying English last year. These students will continue their English language education in the second grade.

And a new curriculum that prepares secondary school students for the job market.

Job Market in high Demands in future Saudiscoop

She added that there would also be a new curriculum for the secondary school’s tracks to help students develop skills that prepare them for the labor market directly after graduating or admission to universities.

The new curriculum is considered the first of its kind to be taught to students in secondary schools. Previously this curriculum was available to students preparing for university admissions.

The new curriculum offered includes data science, engineering, financial management, vocational education, and many more.

While elaborating on the benefits of e-learning, the spokesperson said that students are already benefiting from the Madrasati platform.

Madrasati platform is a strategic asset for education in Saudi Arabia. It has received acclaim for its strategies and results from UNESCO and the World Bank.

She confirmed the continued development of the platform as a reference for the teachers, students, and even parents.

Madrasati would help students as teachers use this tool to provide school lessons, and parents can check their children’s performance in school.

Discussing school transport, the spokesperson confirmed that the Ministry would continue facilitating parents via the Noor system.

She added that several well-maintained school buses are available, and the Ministry has provided drivers for these.

The targeted number of students to be transported to school this year is 1.2 million students of both sexes, she said, while adding that the Ministry will also provide services for 30.000 students with disabilities.

The spokesperson noted that 27,000 school buses would transport the students to and from school. Additionally, the Ministry has provided 4.000 specially equipped buses and vehicles for special-needs students.

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