Saudi Arabia’s Five-Month Hunting Season Begins On Thursday

National Center for Wildlife, stated the dates for new hunting season in the Kingdom which will start Sept. 1, 2022, and end June 31, 2023.

Riyadh — The National Center for Wildlife (NCW) has announced the dates for permitting hunting in the Kingdom this season, which will begin from September 1, 2022, until June 31, 2023.

The center said on Tuesday that hunting permission is for specified species only. The list of specified species is available on the center’s website.

Hunters licensed by the competent authorities to own rifles, and falconers, duly registered with the Saudi Falcon Club, must obtain hunting permits through the Fetri platform.

The center stressed adherence to wildlife regulations prohibiting hunting endangered animals and birds. Hunter can only use weapons licensed in the name.

It reiterated the ban on hunting more than one animal or bird. Shotguns, fishing nets, or hunting by unauthorized means is not allowed. 

The center warned against hunting animals or birds within the boundaries of cities, villages, centers, farms, and rest houses.

The warning represents any human-populated area. The restriction applies to military sites, industrial and vital facilities, reserves, and major projects.

The center called on prospective hunters to follow hunting season regulations. It stressed that violators would face penalties as prescribed by the law.

The Ministry of Interior explained that Special Forces for Environmental Security and other relevant security authorities would arrest the violators and hand them over to concerned authorities for the law to take action against them.

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