Saudi Census 2022: GASTAT to fine persons who refuse census counting

Al-Dukhainy of GASTAT todl that participation in the General Population Census is mandatory, & questioner by census must be answered.

RIYADH — GASTAT’s spokesman Mohmmad Al-Dukhainy stated that participation in the General Population Census is mandatory, and questions asked by census interviewers must be answered.

GASTAT’s spokesman praised the commitment and awareness of Saudi citizens and residents. Only a limited number of participation refusal cases were reported during the previous census.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Al-Dukhainy said the country’s general statistics law had granted GASTAT; the authority to apply monetary fines to anyone who knowingly disrupts the census work and refuses to provide the required information data.

“We received many inquiries through GASTAT’s communication channels asking if participation in the Saudi Census is mandatory; and how the fines resulting from non-participation will be applied. I want to assure all residents that penalties are limited to those who refuse participation altogether.

“The census interviewer cannot impose any fine directly and must get the approval of the regional supervisor. GASTAT will impose Fines only after directly warning the household head,” he said.

The spokesman praised citizens and residents’ high awareness and cooperation during the previous and current census phases.

He also stressed that participation in the census is a national duty and a responsibility shared by all society members.

The census will provide reliable and trusted data to improve decision-making and planning of public services such as education and health care.

Al-Dukhainy pointed out that GASTAT has enabled citizens and residents; to easily participate in the census and avoid penalties for online self-enumeration.

The census questionnaire can be filled out using a smartphone or a personal computer by May 25. 

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