Saudi MoE Launches Paperless Culture In Schools

The Education Ministry has paved the way for digitization in Saudi schools & will abandon the traditional system practiced in KSA for decades

Riyadh — The Saudi Ministry of Education has ended the old paper-based teaching system in school. Saudi schools will now use digital technology for teaching.

This is the first effort to change the decades-old traditional teaching system in Saudi Arabia.

Students will no longer receive paper-based learning aids. MoE will implement the paperless culture in schools through the remote learning platform Madrasati (my school) beginning in 2022.

The ministry has notified regional education departments to instruct all teachers to conduct classes and distribute class notes using the Madrasati platform instead of the current paper-based class notes and lessons.

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The ministry has urged all secondary school principals and educational supervisors to monitor compliance with these new regulations.

MoE explained that these measures follow the remarkable success seen by the Madrasati platform, which will help teachers better prepare their lessons and identify strategies, activities, means, and evaluation processes electronically.

It is noteworthy that the Madrasati platform has been instrumental in bringing about significant transformation in the e-learning system in Saudi Arabia, especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Around six million Saudi school children took advantage of this platform system during the 2020-21 academic year alone, according to a World Bank report.

Teachers have observed that over two-thirds of the students showed marked improvement in academic skills using the Madrasati platform.

The report pointed out that there was a high demand for more digital learning content, the report pointed out.

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