Saudi Arabia Universities Council Issues New Regulations

Saudi Universities Council Affairs issue two new regulations for under & postgraduate programs & exams effective from 2022-23 academic session

Riyadh: The Saudi Council of Universities Affairs issued two new regulations for undergraduate and postgraduate programs and examinations.

The regulations are effective from the 2022-2023 academic session. Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, heads the Council of Universities Affairs.

The two decisions will regulate procedures and keep pace with developments in undergraduate and graduate studies.

The new regulations will help raise the global ranking of Saudi universities by improving operational efficiency and education per labor market demands.

The process will give talented and innovative students greater opportunities and develop healthy competition among universities.

Broad powers given to the universities for governance and a flexible institutional framework permit the Universities to create harmonious, integrated specialization programs. The universities are responsible for their programs and representing them in university councils.

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Under the new regulation for study and examinations, universities have the power to change the schedule for the semester, level, or year at the undergraduate level.

These new regulations provide a different assessment system compatible with the regulations followed by world-leading universities.

The recent changes also accelerate the educational journey for students at the undergraduate level. Now universities can promote a flexible education system for students, allowing them to earn degrees other than a bachelor’s degree.

For instance, those who did not complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree can be awarded a diploma in the specialization they are currently pursuing.

The postgraduate programs will have the same flexibility as universities permit students to earn a lower academic degree than the enrolled program.

Conforming to the best academic practices applied by the world’s leading universities, the new regulation for postgraduate studies permits the development of joint programs between universities inside or outside the Kingdom.

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Also, students enrolled at a non-Saudi university will have the opportunity to enroll in courses at a Saudi university.

They may earn a degree or certificate approved by two educational institutions with a joint program. Students can enroll in two programs simultaneously or from a previous stage.

In addition, students can calculate equivalent courses within their cumulative average.

Multiple agencies and individuals have contributed to the two new regulations. Contributions include the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, universities, experts, and government agencies working as members of the Council of Universities Affairs.

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