Three Months in Jail, SR1000 Fine, For Divulging Confidential Census Data

Saudi Arabia's Public Prosecution has confirmed, all statistical data is confidential. No person can divulge any info from the census data.

Riyadh — Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution has confirmed that all statistical data is confidential. No person can divulge any information from the census data.

The Public Prosecution warned that no person should leak any information or statement of the data or statistics.

Any secret information about industry trade, or any other methods of work the employees participating in the general census to which they have access by their work, will be punished.

Any person disclosing census data will be punished by imprisonment for up to 3 months; and a fine of up to SR1000, the Public Prosecution said.

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The deadline for the self-enumeration process for the Saudi census 2022; issued by the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) has ended on Wednesday, May 25.

The Saudi Census 2022 program is the fifth census in the Kingdom’s history. The last general population and housing census in the Kingdom was in 2010. The Saudi population at that time stood at 27,136,977.

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