TV Show ‘Al Assouf’ Returns for Its Third Edition This Ramadan

The famous television show Al Assouf returns for its third edition this Ramadan. It chronicles social life in KSA in the eighties & nineties.

Al Assouf, the groundbreaking Saudi drama series, merged social, economic, and environmental topics.

Riyadh — The famous television show Al Assouf returns for its third edition this Ramadan. It chronicles social life in Saudia in the eighties and nineties.

The TV drama series portrays the traditional but tolerant society of Saudi Arabia. It showcases events that changed the history of the Arabian Peninsula talks. About life in Saudi Arabia during the last two decades of the twentieth century.

Al Assouf broke new ground by merging social, economic, and environmental topics and representing several generations. Following Al Assouf’s success, many similar programs were created in the Gulf, but Al Assouf remained unique for its dramatic plot, director, and crew.

Nasser Al Wasabi says Al Assouf stars will be back. Most famous for the wildly successful satirical comedy “Tash Ma Tash, Al-Qasabi takes the lead role in a stellar cast featuring fellow “Tash Ma Tash” alumnus Reem Abdullah, Habib Al-Sanei, and Laila Al-Salman, among others.

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Al-Qasabi said in The Joy Awards that the crew had concluded filming and that he hoped the audience would be satisfied with the incredibly done third season.

According to actor Abdulelah Al-Sinani, the third season covers the period from 1989 to 1998 and the social, political, and economic occurrences. Events like the invasion of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia’s commercial boom.

He said that all the key cast members would return, and a new group of characters would be involved in the events. “I believe this season to be the best,” Al-Sinani said while guaranteeing that the characters would develop significantly. “So we will see Khaled in a new light, and Mohsen and Mohammed and their children will play essential roles in the story.

He said the series produced in collaboration with the MBC Academy gave Saudi youth representation in the series. “Young people joined us as assistant directors, production crew, and decorators. “Every part of Al Assouf attracts important talents, each in their field. The new generation is important and has a fresh perspective to share,” Al-Sinani added.

It’s worth mentioning that the first and second seasons of Al Assouf were huge successes. The series is centered on events and changes in Riyadh over the last fifty years. It chronicles the intellectual growth and transformations that have influenced many members of society.

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The series dealt with the most notable incident in the second season. Juhayman and his group stormed the Grand Mosque in Makkah on the first of Muharram 1400 AH, corresponding to November 1979.

The series, directed by Muthanna Sobh, a Palestinian/Syrian, is written by the late Saudi writer Abdul Rahman Al-Wabi. The star cast is Nasser Al Qasabi, Abdulelah AlSinani, Layla al Salman. Reem Abdullah, Abdul Aziz Alsokayreen, Rimas Mansour, and Habib Al-Habib.

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