Riyadh Prepares For The Light And Art Festival; Noor Riyadh 2022

Noor Riyadh Festival 2022 preps approach the completion of dressing up the city in lights & art for this year theme, We Dream of New Horizons

Riyadh will look like a brighter starry dessert night this November as the annual Noor Riyadh Festival 2022 turns on its lights.

Beginning Thursday, November 3, Riyadh residents will enjoy and experience a stimulating display of decorative lighting and interactive artworks.

The displays distributed over 40 separate locations across the capital will be immersive site-specific installations. These include giant paintings, temporary sculptures, murals, virtual reality art, and art trails.

This year’s festival theme, “We Dream of New Horizons,” encourages visitors to cultivate hope for the future and embrace positivity and optimism in life.

The festival fosters a better understanding of the transformation and metamorphosis the Kingdom is experiencing.

Scheduled to end on Sunday, November 19, the 17-day event is a much-awaited sideline to the Riyadh Season 2022.

The festival’s second edition is triple its previous size and showcases over 120 displays. Over 100 Saudi and international artists put in their creative efforts to put up the display art.

Hervé Mikaeloff, Jumana Ghouth and Dorothy Di Stefano co-curated the festival. Works of Saudi art talent will be displayed with Muhannad Shono, Ayman Zedani, Sarah Brahim, and Ahaad Alamoudi.

Along with well know international artists, such as Douglas Gordon, teamLab, Alicja Kwade, and Daniel Buren.

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“From Spark to Spirit” is a highlight of the festival. The accompanying exhibition, “From Spark to Spirit,” takes place at JAX 03 in Riyadh’s JAX District.

The simultaneous event is curated by Neville Wakefield and Gaida Al Mogren and will run from November 3, 2022, to February 4, 2023.

The exhibition’s three-month run retells the story of light shaping relationships in a world where light is a sign of change.

The retelling will explore themes such as the “Consciousness of Light,” “Technologies of Light,” and “Architectonics of Light.”

Artists on display are Refik Anadol, Doug Aitken, Zahrah Al Ghamdi, Larry Bell, Jim Campbell, John Edmark, Walaa Fadul, Lina Gazzaz, Haroon Mirza, and Phillip K. Smith III.

Art and general enthusiasts will enjoy spending time with their loved ones here at night. Noor Riyadh is the project legacy of the first of the Riyadh Art programs. It transforms Riyadh into a glistening boundless living gallery.

  • Noor Riyadh Festival 2022, from 3rd to 19th November
  • Art Exhibition, November 3 to February 4, JAX 03, JAX District, Riyadh

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