Briton Seal to Perform at Maraya in AlUla

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AlUla announced two new musical concerts. The 1st will Seal performing at the World’s most enormous mirrored building Maraya on Feb 17.

AlUla — AlUla has no shortage of opportunities to celebrate this winter season with music events and live concerts at Maray.

Since October 2021, Maraya has put on eight live music shows from local, regional, and international artists to AlUla visitors, pre and at the start of AlUla Moments Season, during the Winter at Tantora Festival, along with the upcoming sold-out concert for Alicia Keys on Friday (Feb 11).

Today, AlUla is announcing two new musical concerts. The first concert will feature British multiple Grammy award winner Seal performing at the World’s most enormous mirrored building Maraya on Feb 17, 2022. This AlUla concert will be the first time the singer — who sold 30 million albums worldwide — will perform in AlUla.

Seal has focused on a single creative pursuit of the expression of love through song. Known for his one-of-a-kind soaring, husky baritone voice and classic songwriting, Seal has seen success across numerous genres of music.

His smooth vocal delivery on hits like “Crazy” and “Kiss from a Rose” quickly cemented his status as a formidable singer. Over the years, he’s extended his influence with a vast catalog of original music and soulful covers.

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While on Feb 24, 2022, the young Iraqi singer Rahma Riad will take Maraya’s stage along with the rising international pop star, Naïka. Starting this fantastic night will be Arab pop idol Rahma Riad, bringing her rich Arabic tone to the Maraya stage.

Sharing her unique “World-Pop” sound, international singer, songwriter, and viral internet sensation, Naïka, closes out the night with her incredible energy.

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