Chedi Hotel/Resort Trojena, Neom

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Discover luxury and relaxation at Chedi Hotel/Resort in Trojena, Neom. Experience unparalleled comfort and stunning views in this exquisite destination.

Saudi Arabia’s mega project, Neom, moves closer to reality daily. In the latest development, Neom Hotel Development has announced a strategic agreement with General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM) as the second hotel partner for Trojena.

With its unique blend of natural and developed landscapes, Chedi Trojena will be the first major outdoor skiing destination for residents and visitors, offering a range of human-centric experiences.

The new development in the kingdom’s highest mountain range is part of the $500 billion mega-city Neom in Tabuk, northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Development Districts

There are six distinctive development districts – within Trojena: Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax, and Fun. Visitors can go to each destination based on their mood and desired activities.

The Chedi Trojena will be a new global destination for mountain tourism, offering a luxurious outdoor ski resort where sporting events, art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural festivals will be performed.

The average temperature around the year remains 10 degrees Celsius lower than in other cities in the country, but it drops below zero in the winter. 

The outdoor skiing experience in Trojena, which is approximately 2,600 meters high above sea level, is unlike any other in the region, especially in Gulf countries renowned for their desert climates.

Additionally, ‘The Bow’ hotel will be located here, described as an architectural masterpiece offering an unrivaled hotel experience.

Other highlights of the development include:

  • A ski village.
  • The vertical vault village.
  • The artificial lake.
  • The wildlife reserve.
  • The observatory.
  • The ultra-luxury mansions.

Trojena will also include ‘Slope Residences’ that blend in with the natural surroundings and overlook the ski slopes.

Construction on Trojena

Construction on Trojena started in December 2022 and will welcome its first guests in 2026. It also aims to host the venue of the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

Visitors worldwide will come to Trojena to visit, holiday, and engage in winter sports activities.

As told above, they have divided the project into separate clusters and planned programs to attract different types of visitors at different points of the year.

September to November is wellness season when yoga retreats, alternative medicine summits, artist’s residencies, and entertainment residencies will take place. 

December to March is the winter season and will be the perfect time for a host of snow-based sports. Tourists can look forward to skiing, snowboarding, winter fashion week, and ice skating.

Between March and May, the adventure season, people can opt for outdoor activities such as high-altitude training, mountain biking, paragliding, and even climbing.

From May to September, there are music festivals, food festivals, art fairs, cultural events, and yoga retreats in Lake Season.

And the summer months will see activities focused on the lake with food festivals, light shows, art fairs, and other cultural events.

It is expected that by 2030, Trojena will attract 700,000 visitors and 7,000 permanent residents.

The Neom Hotel Development company has announced its inaugural hotel partnership with Ennismore. The agreement will result in the opening of two of Ennismore’s brands in Trojena – 25 Hours Hotels and Morgans Originals.

In addition to adding to the tourism industry in the region, Chedi Trojena is a unique example of how Saudi Arabia creates destinations based on its unique geography and environment.

By 2030, Trojena will bring more than 10,000 jobs and generate SAR 3 billion to the kingdom’s GDP.

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