Dish Dash: The Saudi DJ Duo Making Waves

Dish Dash The Saudi DJ Duo saudiscoop
The music scene inside Saudi Arabia has seen some impressive shifts. Let’s meet Dish Dash- the leading DJ Duo redefining the music industry.

Dish Dash- The Background

When you think of Saudi Arabia, electronic dance music (EDM) might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the Saudi DJ duo Dish Dash is working hard to change that perception.

Composed of brothers Hassan and Abbas Ghazzawi, Dish Dash has been making waves in the Middle East with their unique blend of traditional Arabic music and contemporary EDM.

Dish Dash started in 2014 when the brothers began experimenting with music production and mixing. Hailing from a deeply musically inclined family, they took to producing as almost a rite of passage.

However, the brothers only entered EDM after attending events and exploring the music landscape. The first few years of their career were marked by experimentation and discovering their unique sound.

However, that didn’t stop them from amassing quite the following. They gripped audiences in their locality by playing at events and being the kickstarters of EDM in Saudi Arabia. They later became the first artists to host an EDM concert in the region.

As their popularity grew, they soon found themselves playing alongside international DJs like Tiesto and David Guetta at international events in London, Miami, and, most recently, at Abu Dhabi’s Formula One Weekend. 

The brothers take inspiration from their Saudi Arabian heritage in their stage costumes. They often perform in dishdashas, traditional ankle-length robes worn by men in the Gulf region.

This representation of culture on as large of a platform as the ones the brothers perform in is something that sets them apart as uniquely Middle-Eastern, making a name for both themselves and Saudi Arabia in the global scene. 


The Duo has also faced some challenges when it comes to performing in other countries. In some places, they have encountered skepticism or even hostility due to their Saudi Arabian background.

However, Dish Dash remains committed to breaking down barriers and promoting cultural understanding through their music. However, the brothers don’t just face backlash from other countries.

Their performances have often been criticized by the more conservative elements of Saudi Arabia for celebrating western values. The Duo had to face an event being shut down at the last moment at one point as well. 

What Now?

However, in recent years, Saudi Arabia has undergone significant social and cultural changes, lifting bans on music and introducing more liberal policies.

Dish Dash is just one example of how these changes are manifesting in the world of art and music. As the country becomes more open and diverse, we will likely see more Saudi Arabian artists making their mark on the global stage.

Dish Dash has already achieved significant success in the Middle East, and their music is also gaining traction in other parts of the world.

In 2021, their new tracks Jabal Dukhanand ‘Let Love Shine’ gained massive traction in the global field, becoming their most popular tracks to date.

However, with Dish Dash, music is just one side of the coin. Their events are explicitly curated to be unique to their own style.

Expressed through stunning visuals, concepts, themes, and often even technology, their performances are made to be an experience you can not forget. 

When artists like Dish Dash take to the stage, they don’t just play to impress but forge a path for all other artists that will follow.

This Saudi DJ duo is leading a movement, and their style and contributions will pave the way for the music industry in Saudi to flourish beyond borders, showing the world the unique culture and contributions that come from this land. 

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