The First Saudi Women Scout Camp

The activities of the first Saudi women's scout camp in the Kingdom, organized by the Ministry of Education, are progressing well in Al-Baha.

100 girls participated in the camp held at Al-Baha

Riyadh — The activities of the first Saudi women’s scout camp in the Kingdom, organized by the Ministry of Education, are progressing well in Al-Baha.

Nearly 100 girl student scouts and scouting leaders, representing nine educational administrations from different regions and governorates of Saudi Arabia, are participating in the scouting activities.

The scouting camp promotes national values. It instills volunteerism and benevolence and develops life skills among girl students from the public education sector.

Dr. Ayman Al-Faridi, assistant director general of scouts’ activity, said that this camp is the nucleus for all women’s scouts in Saudi Arabia.

“The camp moves to the Asir region next week. And thereafter to Al-Ahsa. Continuing with the camp’s objectives of developing scouting activities, promoting national values, instilling volunteerism and life skills among girl students of public education institutions,” she said.

Dr. Ayman Al-Faridi is also the advisor to the deputy minister of education for educational programs at the ministry.

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Officially scouting began in Saudi Arabia in 1961. However, the scouting activities remained limited to Saudi boys and expatriate students. Hence the name The Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association.’

The Saudi Scouts association became a member of the World Organization of the Scouts Movement in 1963.

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It has over 20,000 members and promotes the Scouting ideals of courage, self-reliance, and brotherhood. With its motto of “Be prepared.”

Earlier in June 2021, the Ministry of Education announced the plans to officially introduce scouting activities for girls’ schools in the Kingdom.

Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Saad Aal Fehaid issued a circular to all the education administrations to provide the Scouts Activities. 

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