Four Compelling Dining Concepts to Open Soon in Saudi Arabia This Year

4 new concept dining experiences coming to KSA, fine-dining Japanese concept, an atmospheric lounge, Australian cafe, & new steak restaurant.

You may be familiar with a few. Naif Alrajhi Investment announced the launch of its four new concept dining experiences coming to Saudi Arabia in 2020.

These are a fine-dining Japanese concept, an atmospheric lounge, an Australian cafe, and a new steak restaurant.

The first announced is Clap, a Japanese restaurant hailing from Beirut and soon to open in Dubai.

The fine-dining concept is well-loved for its top-quality menu featuring the finest Japanese ingredients.

Next will be Iris Cafe, similar to the famous Iris Bar present in Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. This laid-back version in Riyadh will provide its signature atmosphere in a chilled cafe setting.

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Brute, a new meat-and-steak restaurant, is brought to you by the creator of Gaucho and will open later this year.

Brute caters especially to the meat connoisseurs of Saudi, with its finest steaks and a range of Juicy meats on the menu.

Last but not least is the launch of Jones the Grocer. The fashionable Australian cafe is coming to the Kingdom later this year and is popular for its range of healthy, freshly pressed juices, fresh produce, and hearty breakfasts.

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CEO of Naif Alrajhi Investment, Naif Saleh Alrajhi, said, “We are delighted to partner with Addmind Hospitality to diversify and expand our portfolio in the F&B sector, which is experiencing an increased demand for unique and quality dining experiences.

“People are always looking for the next great experience,” he added.

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