The Biggest Masquerade Party in Saudi Arabia, Costume Lovers Flock by The Droves

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Riyadh Season sprang another huge surprise on Thursday when cosplay & costume lovers flocked to Boulevard Riyadh City and Winter Wonderland.

A large crowd of different ages and backgrounds attended the masquerade party. The party-goers wore costumes of various real and fictional characters.

Riyadh — Riyadh Season sprang another huge surprise on Thursday when cosplay and costume lovers flocked to Boulevard Riyadh City and Winter Wonderland in different costumes.

Widely shared pictures showed the massive interaction during the two-day costumes, and cosplay party announced earlier this week. The General Entertainment Authority chairman Turki Al-Sheikh announced the event. The event will continue on Friday.

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The part saw everything from Batman to Thomas “Tommy” Shelby. Different male and female characters of different periods and genres drew a colorful scene at Riyadh Season zones.

A large crowd of visitors attended the masquerade party dressed as science fiction characters and popular fantasy. Some dressed out in their Red Carpet premier best.

With more than double the expected number of visitors attending the two events, the Riyadh Season allowed anyone wearing party costumes free entry. Boulevard Riyadh City squares filled out with scenes of fancy dress and different designs and styles of costumes worn by visitors.

The best-dressed participants received two cars and 40 PlayStations as prizes.

Boulevard Riyadh City” is the most essential and largest destination in Riyadh Season 2021 and the entire Kingdom. It includes several entertainment venues, shopping stores, game centers, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, and indoor and outdoor events suitable for families and individuals. And theatrical and musical performances that are suitable for all visitors.

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On the other hand, “Winter Wonderland” caters to all family members. It contains seven sub-areas for games that include Horror Adventures, Magical Chest, Dreamland Carnival, Eastern Snow Forest, Western Snow Forest, Winter Festival, and Wonderland Road.

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