Meraki Greek Restaurant | Taste Of The Mediterranean In Riyadh

The Greek word "Meraki" means to do something with love, creativity, and soul.

Are you craving a taste of the Mediterranean in Riyadh? Look no further than Meraki, the city’s premier modern Greek restaurant.

Meraki restaurant was first opened in Fitzrovia, London, in 2018. And after becoming very popular in London, the “Meraki” restaurant expanded its charm in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. 

The Greek word “Meraki” means to do something with love, creativity, and soul.

The concept of the Meraki brand is to offer a unique dining experience that incorporates the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and culture with modern techniques.

The restaurant is in the luxurious 5-star Al Faisaliah Hotel, providing guests with a beautiful view of the Faisaliah tower and the city lights.

Its sleek and contemporary interior design, olive trees, natural wood, and greenery dispersed around the space creates a sophisticated ambiance that makes it the perfect place for a family or friends to enjoy a meal together.

The menu of the Meraki Greek is one of the standout features, made up of Mediterranean-sharing plates. Chefs at the restaurant use only fresh ingredients, including some imported directly from Greece, to prepare delicious dishes.

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Meraki Riyadh has something to please every palate, from meze and salads to grilled seafood and meat dishes. In terms of preferences at the restaurant, Goncalves said:

“Generally, Saudi diners order what they are familiar with, such as pasta, salads, steak, and other familiar items. However, we at Meraki Riyadh noticed a pull towards seafood, primarily grilled fish and shellfish tend to be popular choices.”.

Meraki is not solely a Greek restaurant, so it offers a mix of Mediterranean and Greek dishes.

Its main menu features a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, and main courses like oven-baked turbot, sea bream filet, and their best seller: the salt-crusted whole sea bass.

Meraki Riyadh also offers a range of meze dishes: small plates perfect for sharing. These dishes include classics such as

  • Feta Cheese with honey and walnuts,
  • Stuffed Vine Leaves,
  • Saganaki (cheese bites made with fried mastelo cheese)
  • Modern creations such as grilled halloumi with pomegranate molasses and pistachios. 

The sharing mezze looks simple yet perfect for sampling a variety of flavors and textures to start a meal.

In addition to its menu, Meraki Riyadh is known for its extensive selection of Greek cocktails. The cocktail selection includes classic Greek drinks such as basil, grapefruit syrup, star anise, and sea salt caviar foam.

Guests looking for a sweet treat will find a variety of Greek-inspired desserts at Meraki Riyadh. Among them are traditional desserts such as

  • Baklava
  • Loukoumades (honey-soaked doughnuts)
  • Galaktoboureko (custard-filled pastries)
  • More modern creations such as a Greek yogurt parfait topped with honey and pistachios.

Service at Meraki Greek is prompt and efficient; their staff is attentive and welcoming, always ready to help and make recommendations. They make their guests feel welcome and comfortable throughout their dining experience.

In Conclusion

To summarize, Meraki restaurant is an excellent destination for those seeking high-end culinary experiences in Riyadh.

With modern Greek haute cuisine dishes, a dreamy ambiance, stunning views, and attentive service, the restaurant “Meraki” in Riyadh deserves a visit!

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