Riyadh Season 2022 to start October 21

The highly anticipated Riyadh Season 2022 is back. Mark your calendars! It starts from Friday October 21 with the theme "Beyond Imagination."

The highly anticipated Riyadh Season 2022 is back. Mark your calendars! It’s better than ever before.

Beginning on Friday, October 21, this year’s edition has the theme “Beyond Imagination” to reflect the significantly increased number of events compared to previous seasons.

In a promotional video, GEA Chairman Turki Al-Sheikh made the news and highlighted that the Riyadh Season 2022 event would include new zones and events and some surprises.

The Riyadh Season 2022 Cup, which unites football players from Paris Saint-Germain and the national stars of the two Saudi teams, Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr, is another event that sports enthusiasts may anticipate.

The occasion combines exclusivity, suspense, and modernism, making Riyadh a significant incubator, a popular travel destination, and an intellectually stimulating environment that exceeds local and international expectations.

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Additionally, it advances the entertainment sector and strengthens the Kingdom’s standing as one of the top regional and global entertainment hotspots.

Additionally, 15 zones will be included in the Riyadh Season 2022, delivering new experiences and events from around the world. What to anticipate from each zone this year is listed below.

Little Riyadh

The best food and drink selections and seasonal events will be available in this new area of the Diplomatic Quarter.

BLVD World

BLVD World is a top entertainment destination ideal for everyone who enjoys traveling, discovering new places, and having fun.

In addition to getting to board boats and submarines for the first time in Riyadh’s largest artificial lake in the world, this new zone will highlight the cultures of many nations.

Fan Festival

Fans of the World Cup, this is for you. Three gigantic screens will be at the Fan Festival to replicate the entire World Cup experience.

You can also anticipate watching live performances all day long, including concerts, shows, and e-sport competitions.

BLVD Riyadh City

BLVD Riyadh City, one of the season’s biggest and most well-liked attractions, is prepared to welcome visitors daily with its entertainment and activities.

Qariat Zaman

You get transported back to the 1980s and 1990s in this area. The location will undoubtedly bring back joyful memories for the locals with its classic games, live performances, and unique delicacies.

Riyadh Imagination Park

This new zone will be a hub of fun and excitement for kids, with live performances, various restaurants, a display of rare cars, and activities based on popular movies.

Suwaidi Park

You may immerse yourself in a new culture weekly while enjoying entertainment and live musical performances.

Sky Riyadh

This new area will provide world-class eating options and stunning views of the Riyadh skyline.

Al Murabba

Al Murabba is back this year, and you can expect some of the top eateries and cafés at this upscale, fine-dining location.

The Groves

Who could ever forget the cozy atmosphere at The Groves? This portion of the Diplomatic Quarter will continue to feature live entertainment performances, international food, the magnificent Saudi cultural legacy, and a World Cup-themed space.

Riyadh Zoo

The Riyadh Zoo will undoubtedly astound you and the entire family now that it has a fresh appearance.

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Imagine 1,300 creatures from 190 different species spread out over six different habitats. Just be sure to visit the bongo monkey’s home.

Winter Wonderland

This zone, a favorite among families, offers more than 80 exhilarating rides ideal for people of all ages and is a magnificent journey into the wintery magical world.

Prepare yourself to participate in a festival that will undoubtedly exceed your wildest expectations.

Via Riyadh

The opulent St. Regis Riyadh hotel, seven upscale theatres, restaurants, cafés, and international stores will get located in Via Riyadh, a Salmani-style developed zone (in harmony with the capital’s local culture).

Souq Al-Zal

Riyadh’s oldest historical market has returned in a new configuration. You can learn about and take in live musical performances and regional folk dances here.

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Riyadh Front

Riyadh Front will present several exhibitions this year, each with a unique topic. Visitors can anticipate seeing exhibits on everything from technology and gaming to fashion.

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