Saudi Arabia Celebrates Founding Day On February 22 Every Year

Saudi Founding Day is celebrated on 22 Feb of every year as a official holiday other than Saudi National Day with excitement.

Saudi Arabia’s history is full of significant milestones. One of the most important ones is establishing the first Saudi state in 1727 in Diriyah. To commemorate this event, His Highness King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud declared February 22 as a new public holiday, called Saudi Founding Day.

This relatively new day was officially declared a holiday in all sectors in 2022. Since then, the day has been marked with various festivities, including fireworks, drone shows, concerts, themed menus, and food deals.

The first Saudi Founding Day celebrations were grand and memorable, and everyone is looking forward to even more exciting celebrations in 2023. The day is now an official holiday, which means all public and private sectors will have the day off.

Founding Day versus National Day

It’s worth noting that Saudi Founding Day and Saudi National Day are the two official holidays that celebrate Saudi Arabia’s rich history.

While Founding Day commemorates the establishment of the first Saudi state in 1727. Saudi National Day celebrates the unification of the Kingdom in 1932, and it always falls on September 23.

Both holidays have similar celebrations, with shows, music, and food. But Founding Day is a newer holiday still gaining popularity in the Kingdom.

Celebrations and Activities

Founding Day celebrations are diverse and range from traditional to modern. For instance, visitors can explore where the Al Saud family lived in Turaif as part of the Diriyah Entry Pass. This is now accessible to the public.

Furthermore, the National Museum in Riyadh offers a range of engaging workshops and dialogues centered around the culture and history of the Kingdom.

Within its walls, visitors can delve into the intricacies of traditional Saudi attire, savor the world-renowned Saudi coffee. And gain an in-depth understanding of the religious and legal foundations of Saudi society. As established by the founder Imam Muhammed bin Saud.

Reciting an epic poem at the Wadi Namar tourist attraction in southern Riyadh is considered one of the most exciting events. The event includes 3,500 performers enacting ‘The Beginning’s March’ along a two-kilometer stretch of the Wadi.

There’s also a musical, theatrical performance that touches on the Kingdom’s history, and it will be held at the Mohammed Abdu Arena theater in Riyadh.


In summary, Saudi Founding Day is a relatively new holiday commemorating the establishment of the first Saudi state in 1727 in Diriyah.

It’s a day of festivities and celebrations that range from traditional to modern. With events such as concerts, food deals, and interactive workshops that showcase Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage.

The day is an official holiday, and all public and private sectors have the day off. Saudi Founding Day reminds us of the Kingdom’s rich history and inspires future generations to cherish their cultural heritage.

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