Weekend Activities In Riyadh, October 14-15

Here is our choice of the top seven fun fantastic activity things to do this weekend in Riyadh, from art festivals to desert adventures.

Seven fun activities for this weekend in Riyadh. Here is our choice of the top seven fantastic things to do this weekend, from art festivals to desert adventures.

October 14, Friday

At La Brasserie, sample the delectable buffet selections

Visit La Brasserie for a buffet of delicious gourmet comfort food influenced by many parts of the world and extraordinary beverages. An excellent location for friends and family.

  • Fridays 12.30 pm-4.30 pm 
  • SAR397 per person
  • La Brasserie Friday Brunch, Al Faisaliah Hotel, King Fahd Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12212.
  • Tel: 011 273 2005.
  • @labrasserieruh

Experience nature in a fully immersive setting

An Organic Music Mystique experience is being held in Riyadh by Raw Escapes. This community-based organization arranges retreats in raw nature with a focus on well-being, fitness, music, and art.

The theme of this extraordinary event was music, and two incredible artists performed live with an immersive soundscape that would transport you to other cultures and shamanic traditions.

In addition, there will be an hour of medium-difficulty hiking, 30 minutes of deep stretching yoga, and an hour of ecstatic dance.

This trip’s primary goal is to interact with nature, take in exquisitely organic and immersive noises, feel refreshed, and get filled with happy emotions. Additionally, there will be dinner served.

  • 3 pm-10 pm,
  • October 14 Organic Music Mystique
  • SAR480 per person.
  • @rawescapes

Upon payment, the meeting location will get disclosed. Although there will be buses available, you can also decide to drive your SUV. Book here.

Let’s dance to the music

If you enjoy moving to the music, come and participate in this challenging yet enjoyable Zumba Masterclass. It’s all about international beats, exotic rhythms, and high-level energy.

The focus is on global beats, unusual rhythms, and intense energy. So, lace up your dance shoes and prepare to sweat.

  • 6.30 pm, October 14
  • Zumba Masterclass 
  • SAR 105 per person. 

Reservations are required for admission to the compound gate for non-residents of the Wadi Qortuba Compound.

  • Wadi Qortuba Compound,
  • 3346 Abdallah Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Seif, 7563, Qurtubah, Riyadh 13248.  
  • Register here.  
  • For more information, DM
  • @zj.cleopatrassaf

Enjoy a memorable camping trip in the desert

The season for camping is back. Get outside and enjoy this desert camping trip, just 40 minutes from Riyadh’s city center. Some of the activities include hiking, karaoke, and a BBQ meal.

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A headlamp, hiking boots, a mat or chair that can fold up for a picnic, and extra clothing are all items to carry.

Don’t forget your tent or sleeping bag if you intend to spend the night camping. A complimentary breakfast of bread, boiled eggs, tea, and coffee will also get provided.

  •  7 pm-12 am, October 14. Overnight camping is optional.
  • Desert Camp.
  • No charge for children under 12 For adults SAR 75
  • For more information DM
  • @saudi_expats

October 15, Saturday

Make custom furnishings for your home

Speedier made-to-order service is now available at Pottery Barn and West Elm locations throughout the Kingdom, which include a gorgeous selection of furniture, accessories, and signature pieces.

Bring signature style to your home with exclusive upholstered furnishings, and choose from a wide variety of custom fabrics to make statement chairs and stylish sofas your own – all done within 12 weeks.

Their talented designers work closely with local and global artisans and independent collaborators each season to develop exclusive products that you won’t find elsewhere.


Exclusive upholstered furniture will add signature flair to your home. You can personalize statement chairs and chic couches within 12 weeks by selecting from a wide range of unique fabrics.

Your fabric selections, choice of light or dark color schemes, and refinement of textures like brushed cotton, velvet, or leather can all be made more accessible with a team of design service specialists.

Visit their branches in the Sahara Mall in Riyadh to learn more about the attractive made-to-order services.

Experience some delectable street food from Lebanon

This Beirut-based street food vendor has recently launched its first location in Saudi Arabia on Tahlia Street.

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Manakish, tawouk platters, falafel, shawarma sandwiches, and other specialties are available for customers to eat. So, come and enjoy the activities with variety of delicacies perfect for sharing while holding a cocktail this weekend in Riyadh.

  • 8 am-2 am.,
  • Daily BarBar Restaurant
  • Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241 
  • @barbar.ksa

Watch Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween Ends”

This third film of the reboot trilogy—which began with 2018’s “Halloween” and included 2020’s “Halloween Kills”—sees the conclusion of the conflict between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and serial murderer Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle).

Four years after the Halloween Kills of the previous year, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and working on her autobiography. Since then, no one has seen Michael.

Laurie has chosen to break free from her fear and wrath and embrace life after letting Michael’s ghost rule and direct her reality for decades.

However, when Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), a young man, is charged with the murder of a youngster while he was watching him.

It sets off a chain reaction of violence and fear that will drive Laurie to finally face the evil she can’t stop, once and for all. Who do you believe will live? Watch it on this weekends in Riyadh with funfilled activities

  • Rating R18
  • 2 hours Thriller
  • Halloween Ends
  • Book here.

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