SFDA Warns of Possible Contamination in 3 Brands of Baby Milk Powder Products

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Riyadh — SFDA, warned against contamination of three baby milk powder products produced by a particular facility of Abbot company in the USA.

Riyadh — SFDA, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, warned against three baby milk powder products produced by a particular facility of Abbot company in the United States of America.

These products are Elecare Jr, Elecare, and Similac Human Milk Fortifier. The warning came due to the possible contamination with salmonella and cronobacter bacteria.

The SFDA official website published an explanatory table of the affected products, mentioning the names of the products, with batch numbers, and the product identification number “barcode.”

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SFDA also listed the batches not included in this warning and produced by the company. SFDA stated it is taking the necessary measures to coordinate with the competent authorities; and the importing company in the Kingdom to ensure the suspected contaminated products do not enter the Kingdom’s markets; and withdraw the contaminated batches from the local markets.

SFDA statement also explained that food contaminated with salmonella bacteria; in most cases causes fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Whereas the cronobacter bacteria, commonly found in the environment; can cause diarrhea and urinary tract infections in people of all ages.

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It is imperative to follow the given instructions for preparing, handling, and storage suitable for preparing baby milk powder.

SFDA advice indicates that consumers should avoid consuming these products and dispose of them to preserve the health of their children; and the affected milk products can be confirmed through the Tammni application or visit SFDA website via the following link.

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